Subhasri Villa

  • Apartment / Flat
  • Area Range: 604-1255 sq. ft.
  • BSP: Rs. 1,177,800- 2,447,250
  • Location: Sundarpada
  • Bedroom: 1 BHK ,2 BHK ,3 BHK
  • Possession:Jan,2013
  • Contacts: M: 9937023167,9338885554,9853609047,93

About M/S Subhasri Builders (P)Ltd.


Subhasri Builders (P)Ltd. is a top notch apartment builder of the state of Orissa. Our mission is to provide innovative housing solutions to the people of Orissa and Bhubaneswar. To that end, Subhasri Builders has launched modern, state-of-the-art apartment complexes that boast of providing every comfort and luxury to its residents.
Subhasri Builders strives to offer unique combinations of cozy neighbourhoods with the luxury of country club living. It will make you feel as though you are miles away from the hustle of the city, tucked in your own paradise and yet have access to all the infrastructure and facilities essential for your day to day living.   
Subhasri Builders aims to provide you with all the comfort and security  for a happy healthy living.  For your passport to a uniquely built apartment, please give us a call
Subhasri Builders Pvt. Ltd is a registred company with its Head Office located in Bhubaneswar..