Green Homes

  • Apartment / Flat
  • Area Range: 1450 sq. ft.
  • BSP: Call for Price
  • Location: Patia
  • Bedroom: 3 BHK
  • Possession:Jul,2016
  • Contacts: M: 9090205050

Welcome to Green Homes

Pull your drapes aside, and throw the windows open. Sunlight will pour inright from the large windows in all the rooms. The way we' ve planned your home, absolutely nothing can stop the passage of light. We've done away with the unwanted wails and passages, making sure the light is unobstructed. And that you have a brighter home. What's more surprising ? GREEN HOMES is very well lit because each window looks out onto open landscapes. And not other brick wall. Moreover, all the windows have been aligned to let in a steady steam of light. We' ye ensured that for as long as you live here, you will never feel the need to use ar-tificial light when the sun's still up.
Type Size (sq. ft.) BHK Unit Price (Rs.)  
Apartment / Flat 1450  Sq-ft 3 BHK Rs. 3000/-


24 hrs. Water supply through deep bore well and overhead tank.

Intercom Facility

6 passenger Lift

24 hour security arrangement.

Society Room